Starting a blog


I’m Lotta, a 17-year-old girl from Finland. My hobbies are Finnish baseball, traveling, learning languages, reading books, going to the gym and jogging. I’m also into learning and trying all kinds of new things and challenging myself with stuff I haven’t done before. The quintessential reason for this blog is the fact that I’m going to Germany as an exchange student from August 2017 to June 2018. I’m going to live in town called Görlitz, it’s the easternmost place in Germany and quite close to Poland and the Czech Republic.


Because there are so many people in Finland wanting to know how I’m doing and what I’m doing, I decided that it’s easiest to write about my life in Germany in to the blog where everyone can read it. My exchange organization is YFU and I have heard several times that it’s not good to keep too much contact to your home country during your exchange year so it’s probably better to write about my German life here for all than for example on WhatsApp one by one for all my friends.

I got to know my host family a few days ago and I’m really excited because my family seems really nice: I have a host mum, a host dad, a host brother who is one year younger than me and a host sister who is almost exactly my age. There is also a older sister and a older brother in the family but they don’t live at home anymore. My school is called Augustum-Annen-Gymnasium and the school building itself is incredibly beautiful, it looks like a mix of a castle from Middle Ages and Hogwarts.

I’m probably going to write this mainly in English so that everyone can understand but maybe also in German, just for practice. I hope that this blog is useful and enjoyable not just for me but also to my close ones in Finland and for everyone who want to follow my exchange year in Germany.