Running and biking and eating cake

Not-so-exciting-thing first: few weeks ago I went biking (and eating cake heh) for three hours (so actually I biked about two and half hours and ate cake for half an hour) (so plus minus 0) in Poland and it was cool and all, couple pictures from that adventure:


And then something a bit more exciting: I ran (maybe trudge would be a better word) a half marathon a week ago in Dresden. Eventually it can be that it was more difficult to survive alive traveling with train alone from Görlitz to Dresden and back but at least I can say that I survived from two extremely challenging things during the last weekend 😀 Running itself was really cool, the beginning was more fun than the end but still. In the end I felt that my body wasn’t so used to running 21 kilometers so I had stomach cramp and problems with left calf and hamstring – and after running a toe nail in my left foot got mad at me, apparently left side isn’t always so cooperative with me. But it was also nice to have company while running so I’m not complaining, eventually as an experience there was more positive than negative things. And because I’ve always gotten excited about new things relative easily and I’ve always been bad on knowing when to stop, I’m pretty sure that that wasn’t my last half marathon 😀